The 5 People You Meet In The Gym

There are five people that are commonly seen at the gym. It doesn’t matter what gym a person goes to – they are found all the time at gyms around the world.

Knowing who these people are can help to provide some entertainment and potentially some motivation while working out. These people have likely been seen in the past – and now they have been identified once and for all.

The Body Builder

The body builder is the one that’s not drinking water but protein shakes or some other strange liquid as they workout. This is because they are trying to get in as much protein as possible to get through their extended workout and prevent muscles from ripping and tearing.

The body builder stays with the weight machines and the free weights. He or she may be using some of the kettle bells and weight sleds in the private area or have gone into a fitness room when there’s not a class in order to go through some of their own routines. They may also be found striking a pose in the wall-length mirrors to see which one they are going to use for competition.

The Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are the ones that are in the best shape at the gym and they are working alongside someone else. They will commonly shout words of encouragement and be pushing people harder and faster.

They have their position because they know how to individualize a workout for a person to get the best results and make recommendations on nutrition at the same time. Personal trainers can be body builders, so there are some basic clues to look for between the two.

Personal trainers may have a clipboard or whistle nearby and be ready to talk to about anyone if it means they can get some added business. Body builders are usually a little less social when they are at the gym because they have one goal in mind.

The Muscle Head

The muscle head may not be the one that is in the greatest of shape at the gym – but he (or she) is using the machines with a vengeance. They likely have a great shape to their body and that’s because of what they had done in a previous life.

These are the people who probably played sports throughout high school and college so they had coaches pushing them. Now they go to the gym in order to get the best workout of their lives but don’t necessarily know what they should be doing without someone telling them.

The Newbie

The newbie gets a lot of credit. He or she may be completely out of shape, but they have their gym clothes on and they are going to try as hard as possible to get their weight off and their body into shape.

These people usually stick to the cardio machines because they are the easiest to figure out. They may go down to one of the weight machines and then stand in front of it for a few minutes to examine it, read the instructions, and slowly start to get into what it is there for.

People can get motivated watching the newbies because they are at the gym to get their bodies into shape. For anyone who think they shouldn’t go to the gym until they look good enough to go simply needs to look at a newbie in order to know that the gym is what will get a person to look their best.

The Free Membership

The person with the free or trial membership can always be spotted because he or she is casually walking around the gym without a clue as to where to go or what to do. When they are spotted on more than one occasion, they are in different locations.

They may be in a fitness class to try it out or walking around the weight room to try and get a hint as to how to use a machine. These people have achieved the hardest part of going to a gym: going. Now they need the motivation to get in there and begin burning calories and building muscles. Often, it involves taking cues from one of the other people found in the gym.

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